Proudly Celebrating our 75th Anniversary 

Fabers is celebrating as it marks its 75th anniversary and third generation owners Alan & Sharon Faber, they are proud to be a part of a locally owned and operated company that is still furnishings homes today. 

Alan and Sharon Faber have carried on the name and believe the business has succeeded because of the loyal customer support and their reputation for supplying affordable, high quality furniture. 

They say the company was founded on old-fashioned principles that have stood the test of time. 

Alan & Sharon Faber

The Whangarei showroom was established in 1941 by Edgar Oliver Faber. Alan says his grandfather was a visionary entrepreneur who was involved with numerous business enterprises.  He was originally a tea importer but also dabbled in the farming & machinery industries. " Edgar trained as a tea importer from Ceylon, Sri Lanka. He also ran for the mayoralty of Auckland, which he narrowly missed by a few votes.


In its heyday Fabers was a national identity with seven stores located around the country thanks to foresight and increase demand for home-ware.


Old Fabers Store


Alan's father Peter joined Fabers in 1958 and brought his own innovative style to the business, he has an ingenious approach when it came to advertising campaigns. A stickler for record keeping he meticulously kept a copy of all Fabers advertising for future reference! 


Faber Past Adverts 


Fabers has evolved and been reformed over the years with Alan officially joining his father and mother in 1986. Retailing was in the blood and he had created a solid career in Auckland and Sydney managing a number of high profile stores. However the desire to return home was strong and upon return Alan & Sharon purchased the business in 1987. 

Alan says there have been a lot of highlights during this period and it has been great to be able to carry on the tradition of selling good quality products and providing excellent service. He also credits this success to the excellent knowledgeable staff and working closely with leading furniture brands such as Danske Mobler & La-Z-Boy.

"This is a very competitive industry and it changed dramatically when the importation laws were relaxed. We used to source 90% of our furniture from New Zealand, now it's 70% however we's still be the exception to the rule with similar outlets stocking for less New Zealand made products than us"


Old Fabers


Not one to stand still we believe Fabers survives by diversifying and keeping the products fresh and on trend for their customers. They stock an array of designs and brands that are aesthetically pleasing and technically savvy. 

It may have been 75years since they opened but Fabers continue to lead the way when it comes to creating stunning interiors with it's fabulous products.


Alan and Sharon would to Thank all their customers for their repeat business and support. Some of them have dealt with Fabers for over 50 years and now they are dealing with second and third generation family members.  

We would also like to invite new customers to visit us at Fabers and join us for our journey going forward. 


Old Fabers Store

Fabers on Bank Street

Faber Today  


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