Fabers Furniture Lasts A Lifetime


It goes to show that quality furniture really does last a lifetime....

We heard a great story today about a piece of furniture that was purchased from Fabers in 1942!  Dianne called us and told us she had stumbled upon a receipt docket which was inside an old Glory Box which belonged to her mother Zoe, dated from 22nd May 1942.   Dianne's mum was born on September 15th 1921 so that would make it a 22nd birthday present from someone, probably her parents.  However, she got married in 1947 or 1948 to Dianne's father Max Northmore, so it could also have been an engagement present.
Zoe was born into the Mallabond family in Parua Bay.  They had a dairy farm in Taranui Road for many years which they sold in the 40s or early 50s to Mervyn Ross whose son Murdoch still owns the land.  During the time they lived there, they also ran the Parua Bay Telephone exchange from their house.  The Mallabond family was well known in the Parua Bay/Whangarei Heads district back then and when the new Four Square store opened in more recent years, Zoe was asked to cut the ribbon.


Fabers Doco


Definition of a 'Glory Box'

For all those young ones who have never heard of  glory box, this was a lady’s storage box containing items saved for her wedding or married life.

Glory Box

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