Five Interior Trends for 2017 by James Dunlop Textiles

Five Interior Trends for 2017 by James Dunlop Textiles

Five Interior Trends for 2017

James Dunlop



Trends are ongoing and ever changing, some last for years and others are out in an instant. 

We love to keep an eye on what is inspiring and informing the interior industry and after talking to some of the world’s leading trend forecasters, and scouring the globe through travel, publications and social media, we have pulled together five of our favourite interior trends that we’ll be seeing in 2017.

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Chiyodanomori Dental Clinic by Hironaka Ogawa. Image via Archdaily.




1. Versatile Spaces

Rooms are serving more than one purpose and are divided smartly to cater to several activities at once.

Contemporary spaces are developing from traditional design to cater for modern lifestyles. As we move away from compartmentalisation and towards fluid living, we are seeing a change in how rooms are viewed: they are now seen as spaces. Boundaries are blurring, creating spaces that serve multiple purposes – both in residential and commercial environments. With market house prices increasing around the world, people are downsizing and looking to create functional multipurpose rooms that cleverly use space.

Living Space by Ruetemple. Image via Ruetemple.

Caramella collection by Hirashima. Image from Hirashima.





2. Global Maximalism

Interiors celebrate a multiplicity of influences and inspirations from around the world.

Travelling the world continues to appeal to an increasing number of consumers with a strong desire to escape and explore different cultures. Seeking this influence and inspiration is celebrated through interiors as styles from around the world are juxtaposed into a beautiful new global aesthetic. Vibrant colours, natural materials, intricate patterns and motifs combine and overlap to produce a maximalist style. An enduring trend, Global Maximalism continues on from our Culture Shake interior them of clashed bright, punchy colours and global patterns. This dynamic, multicultural influence has a bold appeal and takes daring interiors to a richer, deeper level.

Masquespacio Studio space, Valencia, by Masquespacio. Image via Masquespacio.

Florence Lopez, antiques and her evolving studio in Paris. Image via In/Out.





3. Greenery

The boundaries between indoor and outdoor space continue to blur.

Greenery is enlivening retail environments and workspaces through plants, design and accessories as employers channel focus, capability and creativity. We see the boundaries between inside and out continue to blur, such as large floor to ceiling windows that allow the outdoors to be part of the interior ambience and give a colourful, fresh backdrop. Indoor planting has gained popularity over recent years and this trend shows no sign of slowing down, with restaurants also using living accessories to give a calm and relaxing vibe. With Greenery being the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017, we are seeing lots of this colour in interiors and design worldwide.

The Living Staircase, London, by Paul Cocksedge Studio. Image via Paul Cocksedge Studio.

Vakst Restaurant, Copenhagen, by Cofoco. Image via Vakst.



4. Mindful Minimalism

Interiors embrace a balanced minimalism that induces peace and calms the mind.

Interiors embrace a balanced minimalism as we seek out sanctuary in the everyday to induce peacefulness and serenity. This trend focusses on uncluttering spaces to offer meditative states of mind with spaciousness and silence. This paired back aesthetic uses colour and materials taken from nature, for example wood and linen, alongside soft colour palettes of white and tinted neutrals. Spaces are tidy with curated objects placed sparingly to keep a tranquil and calm space. Focussing on simplicity, tactility and natural fibres, this trend follows on from our theme of Everyday Sanctuary, which honed in on tranquillity and using nature as an antidote to escape technology and the digital world.

Shanghai Theatre by Neri&Hu. Image via Dezeen.

Usine, Stockholm, by Richard Lindvall. Image via Designer Richard Lindvall.




5. Refined Luxury

Glamorous interiors take on a contemporary, streamlined direction.

This is an enduring trend of modern opulence. A continuation of our True Romantics theme, it is true that refined elegance and romance never goes out of style. Fabrics such as velvet and silk are contrasted to lacquers, precious metals and metallic accents. Tones of teal, emerald and dusty pink evoke a sense of quality and luxuriousness when applied to rich materials. This trend focuses is on soft contours with plush textiles with an introduction of decorative pattern and embellishments.

197 Chiswick Fire Station, London, by Box 9 Design and Red Deer. Image via Box 9 Design.

Maree Lounge Sofa by Brabbu. Image via Brabbu.

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